Medieval Pottery Research Group

Annual Conference June 2010

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Dating and Deposits:
ceramic chronology and site formation

14th–16th June 2010
Perth, Scotland

The following papers were presented:

Radiocarbon dating of carbonised food residues from London shelly ware pottery - Professor Gordon Cook

'You're the kind of carbon I can date' - breaking circular arguments - Derek Hall

Title to be confirmed - Alex Woolf

Twelve sherds from the Bryggen site: context and complications - Gitte Hansen

Title to be confirmed - Vibeke Martens

Scottish Dendrochronoloy - Dr Ann Crone

A new new dating technique for ceramics (provisional title) - Chris Hall

Stratigraphy? - Duncan Brown

Gerald Dunning Memorial Lecture - Vicoria Bryant

Two sealed medieval pits in Haddington - Tom Addyman

The Bon Accord site in Aberdeen: its pottery and dating - Mike Roy and George Haggarty

Recent works at St Nicholas Kirk, Aberdeen: pottery and dating - Alison Cameron

Use life of pottery, glass and tobacco pipes from five post-medieval closed find groups in London - Chris Jarrett

Title to be confirmed - Lyn Blackmore

Title to be confirmed - Claire McCutcheon

An introduction to the archaeology and medieval ceramics of Perth - Derek Hall

Occam's razor and its application to ceramic studies, or too much erudition makes you blind. (Paper given in memory of the late Sarah Jennings) - Dave Evans

Dealing with rubbish in a medieval town: a ceramic case study - Ben Jervis

Decoding deposition: the use of spatial analysis in determining post-deposition ceramic trajectories - Imogen Wood

Everything you didn't wan t to know about medieval pottery from York - Anne Jenner

Assessing the medieval pottery of Northumberland - Andrew Sage

The Scottish ICP-MS Redware Project - Derek Hall and George Haggarty

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