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Ceramics from the Rhineland, 7th–16th centuries

10th–13th May 1995
Cologne and Bonn, Germany

The following papers were offered:

(MC* denotes published paper in Medieval Ceramics Vol.*)

Session 1: Cologne

Historical Introduction to Cologne

The current state of research into ceramics of the area

Session 2: Pottery production and production sites

The Mayen industry from 7th to 11th centuries: a study in changing distribution - Mark Redknap

Results of Neutron Activation Analysis on ceramics from the Mayen industries - Henning Stilke

Pottery production in Cologne - Sven Schutte

Pingsdorf wares, a typology (MC19) - provisional

Technology in the Rhenish ceramics industry - provisional

Session 3: Export and Trade

Distribution of German stonewares in Norway and Sweden - Ian Reed

An incomplete review of German stonewares imported into medieval Denmark: dating, spread and distribution - Per Kristian Madsen

German stonewares imported into the Netherlands - Jan Baart

German stonewares in Flanders: imports, consumption and competition - Frans Verhaeghe

German stonewares imported into Britain - John Hurst

Dunning Memorial Lecture

The Trade in medieval pottery around the North Sea (MC19) - Alan Vince

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