This page is intended as a starting point for anyone interested in archaeological and historical ceramics. The emphasis is on the period covered by the MPRG but other links have been included as well for those whose interests are wider or who wish to follow up on methodology, theory and practice in related disciplines. It cannot claim to be an exhaustive list but every attempt has been made to include the major websites. If we have missed an interesting or important site, please contact the website editor or a member of the MPRG Committee with details and we will consider including it next time the page is updated. Weblinks do not last forever and if you find a dead link or one that as been hijacked, please let us know and we will see that it is removed.

Facebook and other social media platforms host a wide range of pages devoted to different aspects of ceramics and it is impossible to produce a comprehensive list of such pages. The best advice we can give is to search on these platforms using appropriate keywords and search terms.

The Academia and Researchgate websites include numerous papers on ceramics and related subjects, including many that are out of print. Note that is a commercial site and access to some sections requires payment although basic search and download facilities are currently free.
Links to local, regional and national ceramic reference collections are not listed on this page but can be found elsewhere on this website.

The MPRG takes no responsibility for the content of any of the sites listed on this page or for any opinions expressed by their editors, owners, contributors or users. The MPRG has no commercial or financial interest in any of these sites and no remuneration has been accepted to ensure their inclusion on this page.


General archaeology

Council for British Archaeology

RESCUE – The British Archaeological Trust

Chartered Institute for Archaeology

Society of Antiquaries

Archaeology Data Service


English Heritage

Historic England

Historic Environment Scotland

Historic Environment, Northern Ireland

Museums Association

Society of Museum Archaeologists

The Heritage Alliance

The Institute of Conservation (ICON)

The Institute of Conservation (Archaeology Group)

The Institute of Conservation (Ceramics and glass group)

Archaeological Archives Forum


Standards and guidance documents

PCRG / SGRP / MPRG 2016 A Standard for Pottery Studies in Archaeology

Historic England – Standards and guidance publications, including ceramics

Historic England 2015 Archaeological and historic pottery production sites: Guidelines for best practice Historic England

Historic England 2011 Roman and medieval pottery and tile production English Heritage / Historic England

Historic England 2017 Organic residue analysis and archaeology: guidance for good practice Historic England

CIfA 2014 Standard and guidance for the collection, documentation, conservation and research of archaeological materials Chartered Institute for Archaeologists 


Societies and journals

Journal of Roman Pottery Studies

Society for Medieval Archaeology

Medieval Archaeology (Journal)

Society for Post-Medieval Archaeology

Post-medieval Archaeology (Journal)

Society for Historical Archaeology

Historical Archaeology (Journal)

Leiden Journal of Pottery Studies

Journal of Material Culture


Study groups and societies


Prehistoric Ceramics Research Group

Study Group for Roman Pottery

English Ceramic Circle

Northern Ceramic Society

Friends of Blue

Scottish Pottery Society

Transferware Collectors Society

Bricks and tiles
The Tiles and Architectural Ceramics Society

British Brick Society

Brick-making in Brighton

Scotland’s Brick Manufacturing industry

Clay tobacco pipes
Society for Clay Pipe Research

National Pipe Archive

The Association for the History of Glass



The Potteries Museum, Stoke-on-Trent

British Museum

National Museums Scotland

National Museum of Wales

Victoria and Albert Museum (ceramics department)

Ashmolean Museum

Fitzwilliam Museum

Sharpes’s Pottery Museum, Swadlincote

Dorman Museum, Middlesborough (Christopher Dresser and the Linthorpe Pottery)

Museum of London (collections)


Online reports and theses

British Library ETHOS collection (UK PhD and other theses)

Archaeology Data Service (Grey literature and other resources)

Museum of London Archaeology (MOLA) reports and resources

Archaeology Reports Online (GUARD Archaeology Ltd)

National Museums Scotland Research repository


Sarah Jennings, 1981. ‘Eighteen Centuries of Pottery from Norwich’, East Anglian Archaeology 13

John Allan, Medieval and Post-Medieval Finds from Exeter, 1971-1980 (1984, Exeter City Council and the University of Exeter)

John Cotter, 2000. Post-Roman pottery from excavations in Colchester, 1971-1985, Colchester Archaeological Report 7

The following publications on London pottery can be downloaded from:

A dated type series of medieval London pottery 2: London-type ware
J E Pearce, A G Vince & M A Jenner 1985;

A dated type series of medieval London pottery 4: Surrey Whitewares
Jacqueline Pearce & Alan Vince 1988;

Aspects of Saxo-Norman London II: finds and environmental evidence Edited by Alan Vince 1991;



The Alan Vince Archive

Archive of Anglo-Saxon Pottery Stamps

Bristol potters and potteries

The Ceramics Web

The Rockingham Pottery, Swinton

Spoilheap Archaeology

Potweb (Roman pottery)

The pottery kilns of Roman Britain

Clay and Fire (Bickley Ceramics project and more)

Isaac Button, Country Potter

Chinese porcelain


North America


St Mary’s University, Halifax, Nova Scotia 



Baltic and North Atlantic Pottery Research Group

The Czech Republic : Archaeological information system of the Czech Republic (English language version)



France (Sevres)

Spanish medieval and later ceramics