Erratum Slip

Minimum Standards for the Processing, Recording, Analysis and Publication of Post-Roman Ceramics

Unfortunately some errors have been noticed in APPENDIX 4 : CERAMIC TYPE SERIES/REFERENCE COLLECTIONS (CONTACT NAMES AND ADDRESSES) since publication. Would you please substitute the following corrections.

Page 21

National Ceramic Reference Collections


David Caldwell, email

Jackie Moran, email

Regional Ceramic Type Series in Great Britain and Ireland

Page 22

Cumbria (West) and Isle of Man

Peter Davey, Centre of Manx Studies, 6 Kingswood Grove, Douglas, Isle of Man, IM1 3LX

Page 23

Nonsuch Palace (Surrey, London area, Essex, Hants/Surrey border), Martin Biddle & Hazel Forsyth

Comments: Not a type series in the usual sense,but can be used as such with Biddle (forthcoming)

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Salop, Mike Stokes email