MPRG Conference: List of Papers

The MPRG Conference takes place from 21st-25th June on the Isle of Man (papers Thurs eve, Fri and Sat, with fieldtrips Sun and Mon). The list of papers is presented below. To ensure you receive lunch with your registration fee, make sure you register by 14th June!

Papers include:
The Isle of Man: an introduction to its archaeology and history from medieval to modern times (Andrew Johnson)

Saxo-Norman material from the National Museum excavations in Dublin
(Clare McCutcheon)

Pottery production and consumption in Ireland in the twelfth/fifteenth centuries (Niamh Curtin)

Coarsewares and colonialism: manifestations of continuity and change in Ireland and western Britain (Alison Kyle)

‘Here be monstrous fabrics…’ – devising a strategy for the organic tempered wares of the Scottish West Coast, Highlands and Islands. (Derek Hall)

Iain Crawford’s Udal: the key to ceramic traditions of the western seaboard? (Beverley Ballin Smith)

Pottery in the North Atlantic: A survey of medieval pottery from the Faroe Islands, Iceland and Greenland (Elizabeth Pierce)

Understanding marginality in Glamorgan, South Wales: A ceramic study (Alice Forward)

Scanian Black Earthenware – A Study of Baltic Ware from Lund (Vibeke Vandrup Martens)

Scandinavian redwares (Lyn Blackmore)

Lödöse – A trading town on the edge of Europe (Sonia Jeffrey)

Ceramics produced during the Spanish-Dutch war in the 16th century (Maxime Poulain)

The pottery of a Dutch merchant in Elsinore (Jette Linaa)

On the Western Edge of the Byzantine Empire: Early Medieval pottery finds from recent excavations at Butrint, Albania. (Joanita Vroom)

At the edge of Empire: medieval pottery from the Noviodunum archaeological project (Romania) (Ben Jervis)

Ceramics on the edge: pottery from the medieval site of Jam, Afghanistan (Alison Gascoigne)
The Buckley potteries: imposition, innovation and cultural exchange (Christine Longworth)

The impact of industrial ceramic production on the highlands and islands (George Haggarty)

Cups and Confinement: Ceramics in a First World War Internment Camp (Claire Corkill)

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