1993 Conference: Late Medieval Imported Pottery

22nd-24th March 1993
Connaught Hall, Southampton University

The following papers were offered:

(MC* denotes published paper in Medieval Ceramics Vol.*)

Session 1: Ports, Markets, Sites of Consumption

Chairs: John Hurst and Peter Davey

Late Medieval Imports into Hull and the Humber Ports – Dave Evans

Norway: an overview (MC18) – Ian Reed

London (MC18) – Lyn Blackmore and Alan Vince

The imported pottery of Late Medieval Southampton (MC17) – Duncan Brown

The South West (MC18) – John Allan

Waterford: the imported ceramics – Audrey Gahan

Session 2: Other types of evidence

Chair: Charlie Murray

Imports of Spanish pottery to England in the Later Middle Ages: documentary evidence (MC17) – Wendy Childs

Wrecks – Bob Thomson

Late Medieval pottery on Dutch shipwrecks and a well-dated inventory of the early 15th century (MC17) – Karel Vlierman

Session 3: Sites of Production (1)

Chair: Bob Thomson

Normandy stonewares and related earthenwares – Bob Burns

Martincamp and Beauvais (MC17) – Pierre Ichnowitz

Session 4: Sites of Production (2)

Chair: David Gaimster

Imported pottery in the Bruges area (MC17) – Bieke Hillewaert

Dutch Redwares (MC18) – Jan Baart

Rhenish stonewares – Sven Schutte

The 10th Dunning Memorial Lecture

No Sex, some H-M and Lots of Fine Trade: medieval ceramic studies in Italy (MC17) – Hugo Blake

Session 5: Sites of Production (3)

Chair: Hugo Blake

Italian pottery exported during the 15th and 16th centuries (MC17) – Marco Milanese

Ligurian Tablewares, 13th-16th centuries – new archaeological and thin-section data (MC17) – Fabrizio Benete, Sergio Sfrecola and Sandro Gardini

Session 6: Sites of Production (4)

Chair: to be arranged

Una panoramica de las producciones hispanas y de reflejo metalico de los siglo XIV al XVI (MC18) – Javier Marti

Coarseware from Western Andalusia (1300-1650) (MC17) – Alfonso Pleguezuelo-Hernández

Session 7: The Wider Perspective

Chair: Frans Verhaege

Travelling pottery – a European overview – Frans Verhaege

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