1994 Conference: Assemblages from Production Sites: problems and strategies

21st May 1994

The following papers were presented:

A recently excavated assemblage from Nottingham and its research context – Alan MaCormick and Bob Alvey

East Midlands Reduced Ware – new evidence from Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire – Anna Slowikowski and Paul Blinkhorn

Recent work on pottery from two production sites of Limpsfield Ware in East Surrey – Phil Jones

Proposed work on the early post-medieval pottery from Ticknell and the implications for the study of East Midlands ceramic groups – Alan MaCormick

Research Designs for production centres – Varian Denham and Sarah Jennings

A specification for the processing and analysis of medieval ceramics from production sites – Alan Vince, Ian Freestone and Clive Orton

Reference collections for material from production sites – Beverley Nenk

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