2000 Conference: 25 years of medieval pottery studies: past, present and future

29th-30th March 2000
Exeter College, Oxford

The following papers were presented:

(MC* denotes published paper in Medieval Ceramics Vol.*)

Session 1: Introduction

An introduction to historic Oxford, John Ashdown (City Conservation Officer)

An overview of the history of the MPRG, Mike McCarthy

The place of pottery studies in medieval archaeology, Hugo Blake

25 years of Saxon pottery studies, Paul Blinkhorn

Session 2: Theoretical Studies

Philosophical and theoretical developments relevant to pottery studies, Chris Cumberpatch

Pots and documents, Steve Moorhouse

Theory into practice: pots and domestic life, Alejandra Gutierrez

Session 3: Continental Pottery Studies

Are we going anywhere? An impression of the development of the field and its possible future, Frans Verhaeghe

The influence of British pottery studies on Northern Europe, Per Kristian Madsen

Imported pottery studies in Britain, John Hurst (MC24)

Dunning Memorial Lecture

25 years of post-medieval pottery, David Barker

Session 4: British Pottery Studies

Medieval pottery studies from the North-West of England, Julie Edwards (MC24)

Yorkshire and the North-East, Dave Evans

A view from the Channel Islands, Ken Barton and H. Sebiret

Pottery studies in the Isle of Man, Peter Davey (MC24)

Pottery studies in Ireland, Clare McCutcheon

Scottish pottery studies, Derek Hall/George Haggarty/Charles Murray (MC24)

Session 5: Ceramic Building Materials

Brick and tile: some reflections on progress and potential, Paul Drury (MC24)

Medieval tiles: past, present and future, John Cherry

The Gerald Dunning Archive and the Study of Medieval Ceramic Roof Furniture, Barbara Hurman/Beverley Nenk (MC18)

Session 6: Analytical Techniques

25 years of scientific analysis, Mike Hughes (MC24)

Petrological studies, Alan Vince

Use of computers in pottery; integrating publication, GIS and databases, Paul Miles

Reinventing the sherd: 25 years of pottery statistics, Clive Orton (MC24)

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