2002 Conference: The State we’re in: pottery in post-Roman Ireland

2nd-4th September 2002
Trinity College Dublin

The following papers were presented:

Historical and Archaeological setting, Prof Terry Barry, Dept Medieval History, TCD

Imported Pottery in Early Medieval Ireland: Sixty years of research, Ian Doyle

Crannog and Everted rim ware, Audrey Gahan

Urban excavations in Ireland: Dublin, Linzi Simpson

Urban excavations in Ireland: Cork and Waterford, Maurice F. Hurley

Medieval pottery in Ireland, Clare McCutcheon

A new batch model for the Downpatrick kiln based on fabric analysis, Dr Maureen McCorry

Chemical analysis of English & French whitewares, Dr Alan Vince

Gerald C. Dunning Memorial Lecture: Continental pottery in Ireland in the Anglo-Norman period 1150–1350, Clare McCutcheon

Post-medieval pottery in Ireland, Rosanne Meenan

Delftware in Ireland, Peter Francis

Clay pipes, Speaker to be arranged

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