2004 Conference: Under the Influence: Examinations of change in the ceramic record

28th-30th June 2004
King Alfred’s College, Winchester

The theme of this conference was change, not only how we observe it within the archaeological record, but also how we have tried to explain it, and how our methodologies have developed. The programme brings together papers that consider aspects of ceramic production, distribution and consumption and includes an opportunity to view the medieval pottery assemblages recovered in Winchester. We are also offering walking tours of historic Winchester, and Mr. Hudson’s fabulous medieval cookery class.

The following papers were offered:

(MC* denotes published paper in Medieval Ceramics Vol.*)

Session 1 – Methodology

Alan Vince Keynote Lecture: The Systematic Study of Medieval Ceramics: Half a Century of Progress?

Line Van Wersch Study of the Merovingian production centre of Maastricht-Wyck: methods and results (MC28)

Diana Briscoe The Archive of Anglo-Saxon Pottery Stamps

Jacqui Pearce An approach to the analysis of Surrey/Hampshire Border Ware kilns at Farnborough Hill

Session 2 – Pottery Production

John Hudson A Potter’s Practical Approach to Clay Preparation

Barbara Flynn Perspectives of a Production Potter

Penny Copland-Griffiths Social Effects on a Country Pottery Industry at Verwood, Dorset

Session 3 – Influence, Innovation, Distribution

John Allan Some early modern documentation for foreign and coastal trade in England

Chris Cumberpatch Face to face with medieval pottery; some speculations on the significance of face jugs and related vessels in Yorkshire

Philippe Husi Pottery of the Later Middle Ages from Central Western France

Wolfram Giertz New pots for an old town. Immigrant potters in Aachen, c14001600

Cole Henley Patterns generate relationships between people and things: reading the Neolithic pottery decoration of the Outer Hebrides

Gerald Dunning Memorial Lecture

Kenneth Barton Saintonge Polychrome Pottery and its implications

Session 4 – Pottery and the Consumer

Derek Hall Whose pot is it anyway?

John Cotter Strangers on the shore: pottery from an early medieval fishing settlement at Townwall Street, Dover

Lars Pilo The Pottery from Kaupang, Norway – new evidence from an old site

Jesper Hjermind The fingerprint of an English potter. Results from Viborg Snders 2001 an excavation in layers from 1018 to c1030

Victoria Bryant Death and desire: factors effecting the consumption of pottery in medieval Worcestershire (MC28)

Maureen Mellor Changing rooms: Fixtures, Fittings and Movable Goods (MC28)

Paul Blinkhorn Production, Exchange and Consumption in the English south-east Midlands and the Thames Valley

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