2007 Conference: Pottery on the Move: Method, meaning and the distribution of medieval pottery

Saturday 9th June 2007
The House of Laymen, St William’s College, College Street, YORK YO1 7JF

This meeting aims to widen the debate over the ways in which pottery was moved about in medieval Europe. We will look at the mechanics of distribution, both internal and international, and consider themes of the cultural, economic and social meaning in the movement of pottery. The two are not unconnected; how pottery was distributed, by whom, and with what purpose, is linked to the ways in which imported or non-local pots were understood and consumed.

The following papers were presented:

Peddlars, pilgrims and pirates: Some examples of pottery acquisition and exchange in medieval Kent, John Cotter

Chester’s pottery, who, what, where? Julie Edwards

Tyneside rivalries? Pottery imports in Newcastle and Gateshead during the 17th century, Andrew Sage

What’s The Point? The value of find-spot data to studies of pottery distribution, Anne Boyle

Coastal trade in coarsewares along the east coast, Alan Vince

Ceramic DNA, identifying the origins of Perth’s burgesses, Derek Hall

An overview of imported medieval and post-medieval ceramics in Edinburgh and Leith, George Haggarty and John Lawson

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