2008 Conference: Pottery of the Western Mediterranean:Production, influences, distribution and use AD 900-1600

7th-9th July
University of Siena, Italy

The MPRG is delighted to announce that our 2008 conference will be held in Siena, Italy. The aim is to consider the development of pottery-making, means of distribution, patterns of trade and types of consumer, through archaeological and documentary evidence. This will be an opportunity to compare and contrast pottery traditions of the European Mediterranean states and also, it is hoped, those of North Africa. Many of those products were distributed beyond the Mediterranean, to the east and into northern Europe, and the mechanisms of that trade, and the significance of those pottery types, will also be examined. These themes reach beyond local and national boundaries, and should appeal to anyone interested in what pottery can tell us about economics, politics, culture and meaning.

We are inviting speakers from all over Europe, and western North Africa to address those themes and participate in a wide-ranging and fully representative discussion.

The following papers were presented:

Vessels used for shipping goods in Western Mediterranean during the late Middle Ages and early modern periods – Marta Caroscio

Sistemi di produzione, scambio e consumo di vasellame ceramico in Toscana tra X e XI secolo: citta  e campagna a confronto. – Federico Cantin

Byzantine Fine Wares In Italy (10th to 14th Centuries AD): Social And Economic Contexts In The Mediterranean World – Erica d’Amico

Crossing Borders: Mudajar Ceramics in Medieval Spain – Anna McSweeny

Functional analysis of “unglazed” Tuscan medieval pottery – Alessandra Pecci

The development of the medieval pottery production of Savona (Liguria, NW Italy) seen through archaeometric analyses – Claudio Capelli, Roberto Cabella and Paolo Ramagli

Pottery Production and Distribution in South-Western al-Andalus during the Almohad Period: Results of an Innovative Program of Fabric Analysis – Rebecca Bridgman

A Triaxial Blend: Stylistic Similarities From the Mediterranean – Christopher Robinson

Cobalt blue in medieval ceramic production in Valencian workshops: The cases of Manises, Paterna and Valencia (Spain) – Jaume Coll Conesa

The role of ceramics in late medieval and Renaissance Italy – Hugo Blake

A late 15th century household pottery group from Aveiro (Portugal) – Tania Casimiro

C̩ramiques en usage en France mediterranenne aux 15e et 16e siecles: apports de fouilles urbaines recentes (Perpignan, Nimes, Marseille, Nice, Bastia) РVeronique Abel

Medieval fishing communities in coastal Flanders (Belgium) and their relation to western meditteranean commodities – Marnix Pieters and Frans Verhaeghe

The presence and distribution of Italian maiolica in late medieval Flanders – Koen de Groote

The productions of glazed pottery in Tuscany (13th-15th centuries). The transmission of technical knowledge from al-Andalus to Pisa for producing “maioliche arcaiche – Graziella Berti

La maiolica di Montelupo: un indicatore di status socio-economico ? – Antonio Fornaciari

Una koine: produttiva nella Toscana postmedievale tra archeologia, storia e primi dati archeometrici – M Milanese, E Degl’innocenti, I Trombetta and ABrunetti

Carecterización De La Cerámica Andalusí De Finales De La Edad Media. Las Arcillas Y El Soporte Cerámico – Alberto Garcia Porras

Clay pipes as evidence for Mediterranean trade. Underwater finds from Pomegues, France – Peter Davey

Exotic East London: unravelling the sources of the 17th-century imported pottery at 43-53 Narrow Street, E14 – Chris Jarrett

Mediterranean Pottery in Early Post-Medieval London – Lucy Whittingham

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