2009 Conference: Science and Ceramics:Recent developments in analysis and interpretation

6th June 2009
British Geological Survey, Kingsley Dunham Centre, Keyworth, Nottingham

Dedicated to the memory of Alan Vince

The following papers were presented:

Microanalysis of later prehistoric and early medieval granodiorite-tempered pottery from the East Midlands – Edward Faber and David Knight

Recent projects on ICP analysis of medieval and later ceramics – Michael Hughes

Unravelling 17th and 18th century slipwares: a scientific approach – Andrew Watts

Tobacco pipes and pipe clays: a review of 25 years research – Peter Davey

Understanding and interpreting the medieval pottery from Gasir, Northern Iceland – Torbjorn Brorsson

Luminescence dating of bricks – Ian Bailiff

Scientific dating of carbonised residues on ceramics from England, Scotland and Norway – Derek Hall

Reconstructing foodways from ancient residues in Roman pottery – Lucy Cramp

Fragmentation in action – Imogen Wood

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