2020 Conference: Pottery and Religion, Durham

2020 MPRG Annual conference and AGM

This year’s three day conference ‘Pottery and Religion’ will take place 20 – 22 June 2020 at the University of Durham.

Call for Papers

Religion was an integral part of daily life in the medieval and post-medieval periods, and it would be surprising if we could see no evidence of its impact in the ceramic record. That impact could have taken various forms: in the types and functions of pottery used on religious sites (did this really differ from secular consumer sites?), and in the stimulus to the establishment of ceramic industries to service religious establishments. Religious messages could be transmitted overtly by written mottos on vessels, or more subtly through the incorporation of religious symbols in ceramic design. The pots themselves also featured as symbols in religious iconography. High quality ceramics are often found on religious sites, but is this a general pattern, and is it always a straightforward reflection of higher social status? Can religious change be seen in the ceramic record? What were the impacts of religions other than Christianity?

The committee invites 20-minute papers addressing any aspect of the links between pottery and religion in the medieval and post-medieval periods.

Please submit an abstract of no more than 150 words to Lorraine Mepham, MPRG Meetings Secretary, by 1st March 2020 (L.mepham@wessexarch.co.uk).

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