MPRG Conference 2016 (20–22 June), Taunton & Barnstaple Production and Consumption of Medieval and Post-Medieval Pottery from the South-West

MPRG Conference 2016 (20–22 June), Taunton & Barnstaple

Production and Consumption of Medieval and Post-Medieval Pottery
from the South-West

Please find a programme for the conference below; a booking form and printable programme for this year’s conference can be found on the Group’s Facebook page which is publicly accessible even if you do not belong to Facebook.

for further information please contact Lorraine Mepham:

Monday 20 June: Great Hall, Taunton Museum
9.30 am
10 am
Welcome, by Steve Minnitt (Head of Museums, South West Heritage Trust)
10.15 am
Chris Webster: Taunton Castle
10.45 am
David Dawson: Characterising pottery production centres in Somerset
11.15 am
Mike Ponsford: Redcliff Hill and Bristol ware
11.45 am
12.15 pm
John Allan: Pottery made around the Blackdown Hills c 950-1550
12.45 pm
1 pm
2 pm
Pottery viewing (part 1)
There will be material from Glastonbury Abbey and Wells and Mendip Museum; post-medieval kiln waste and production from Somerset production sites, including Trudoxhill, Wrangway, Donyatt and NetherStowey; and a selection of pottery from the Kenneth J. Barton collection. David Dawson, John Allan and Mike Ponsford will offer commentary on the pottery.
3 pm
3.30 pm
Pottery viewing (part 2)
Conference reception
Tuesday 21 June: Brewhouse, Taunton
9.30 am
Maria Duggan: Looking out from South West Britain: long-distance links from the 4th to 7th century
10.00 am
Dan Carter:  The Verwood and East Dorset Potteries: A new approach to the study of the late medieval and post-medieval pottery industry in East Dorset
10.30 am
11 am
Lorraine Mepham: Town and country: the consumption of Laverstock wares
11.30 am
Bryn Morris: The Missing Link: North Devon pottery in the 16th century
12 noon
Alice Forward:A ceramic view of early post-medieval markets and mariners in the Bristol Channel
12.30 pm
1 pm
2 pm
Julie Edwards: South West, North West ceramic connections – finds of North Devon ceramics and maritime communications
2.30 pm
Ollie Kent: Tin-glazed pottery production at Brislington
3 pm
3.30 pm
Speaker to be confirmed
4 pm
Duncan Brown: The Gerald Dunning Memorial Lecture
Conference dinner at the Ring of Bells, Taunton
Wednesday 22 June
Leave Taunton 9.30am. Travel to Barnstaple Museum; view production waste from Potters’ Lane/ Exeter Inn etc, the kiln from Potters’ Lane and the Brannam archive (pattern books etc). There will be a short presentation of North Devon wares by John Allan. After lunch (not provided),a short walk around the town to see Rolle Quay, Potter’s Lane and the remains of Brannam’s works, including the showroom and the surviving kiln.Arrive back in Taunton between 3.30pm and 4pm.

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